Spectrum Retail Research (SRR)
Spectrum Research Asia provides new and invaluable insights into site evaluation offering comprehensive benefits in site selection particularly for high land cost environments.

Economic Impact Assessment anticipates actions of competitors allowing strategic placement of outlets and service.

  • Location Feasibility Study
  • Trade Area Analysis including Turnover Estimates
  • Geo-Demographic Report
  • Mapping and Market Information Systems (GIS)
  • Retail Gravity Model
  • Retail Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Retail Network Planning

Turning Data into Competitive Advantage

Mapping and Market Information Systems (utilising GIS technology) provide a wide range of flexibility in terms of retrieval and analysis. Asian markets including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia & other population centres are currently on the system.

Unlimited layers of all essential market information by small geographic areas can be stored on a computer map including population statistics, income and expenditure, consumption patterns, roads and rail systems, land and property usages and all other relevant market databases.

Integrated computer modelling locates and quantifies high concentrations of potential markets.

Computer simulations techniques assess current and future market scenarios effectively.

Future growth in population, alterations to competitive conditions, zoning changes, new roads or railway systems and so forth can be incorporated in the analysis.

Retail market share maps of can be easily generated and cross-compared with competitors’ to acquire a macro view of the marketplace.

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Spectrum Entertainment Research (SER)
Patronage projection for entertainment outlets

  • Cinema
  • Entertainment Outlet
  • Theme Park
  • Trend Study for various types of entertainment
  • Profile Study of Patrons
  • Audit of Entertainment Facilities

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Spectrum Consumer Research (SCR)
Spectrum Research Asia organises surveys for consumer products and services in most countries in the Asian Pacific Region.

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey
  • Product / Service Satisfaction Study
  • Brand Testing and Tracking Services
  • Concept testing for Products / Services
  • Product testing
  • Lifestyle and Psychographic Study

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Spectrum Media Research (SMR)

  • Media Tracking Survey
  • Viewership Study
  • Readership Study
  • Listenership Study
  • Ad Testing
  • Ad Awareness Study









Spectrum Retail Research (SRR)
Spectrum Entertainment Research (SER)
Spectrum Consumer Research (SCR)
Spectrum Media Research (SMR)


Klang Valley Retail Map on Projected Expenditure on Clothing in Malaysia

Analysis of Sales by Grid in Singapore

Drive Time Population
in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Yaolong Street Population according to Gender in Guangzhou, China

Catchment Area of Chadstone
Centre in Melbourne, Australia


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